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Welcome where we believe that creativity is the key to business success, we are creative both in design and marketing, a combination that produces extraordinary results.

We deal with business, communication, marketing, style, design, restiling, catalogs, logo, fairs, images, press releases and advertising, our work is 100% Italian but it is aimed at the international arena where creativity is appreciated and Italian style makes the difference.

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Who we are

We are an Italian team of professionals  highly specialized in the fashion of baby products for three generations, and we collaborate with the largest factories for strollers, prams and related items.

Creative communication is fundamental for the success of a product, our organization makes use of photographers, movie directors and image professionals to be able to interpret the product well, involving the emotion of the final consumer. Thus the actors are selected, the most appropriate costumes and mackups are chosen to represent the Italian mood and style.


Last but not least, social media marketing experts follow and involve the consumer with constant and creative presences on social networks such as Facebook, Intagram and Pinterest. These actions are of fundamental importance to complete and support the success of products and brands on international markets as well as providing valuable feedback after the sale

In this section only some of the most representative creative works of the effelledesign team are exhibited



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